Medina College Consulting is dedicated to providing students and families with high quality services in the college admissions process and to make college affordable for all. Our mission is to prepare and inspire students to attain a higher education. We seek to empower students and communities to realize their full potential by connecting students to community resources and creating opportunities to achieve success.


Medina College Consulting is an independent college counseling practice based in Camarillo, California that guides students and their families in the college admissions process through individual packages and workshops. We encourage students to make a difference in their community and build lasting relationships with them to empower and strengthen our future leaders. Medina College Consulting strives to provide every student with the resources and opportunities to be successful in college and beyond! 


Applying to college can be a very challenging and stressful time. Since 2014, Medina College Consulting has helped dozens of students through the college admissions process and has saved families hundreds of thousands of dollars through various grants, scholarships, and financial aid. Medina College Consulting has played an essential role as a key supporter of many students in their transition to college. We have been tireless in building leadership, in optimizing the influence of youth in the community. We assist and guide each student to find a college where they will be a leader, and flourish academically, socially, and personally. 


El Concilio's Latino Leadership Award "Educators Focus," State of California Senate Certificate of Recognition, California Legislature Assembly Certificate of Recognition, and the County of Ventura Resolution of the Board of Supervisors of Ventura County.


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