Medina College Consulting is here to assist and guide your student and family through the college admissions process to help reduce stress and make this a memorable time for your family. Let's help your student get accepted to the "right" fit college!

College Admissions - Advising

We will empower your student to take control of their future by assisting them in the college planning process. We will advise them on:

Academic and Testing Preparation and Planning


  • Evaluate academic profile (including GPA and class rank) and suggest courses that support the student’s college goals.

  • Develop a standardized test plan, determining the appropriate SAT/ACT tests for the student

  • Recommend test dates, strategies and test preparation.

  • Evaluate the test scores (PSAT, PLAN, SAT, ACT, and SAT Subject Tests) and advise the student which to retake and submit.

  • Counsel the student on the importance of building relationships with high school teachers and guidance counselors.

  • Advise the student on the importance of teacher evaluations in college admissions and which teachers to approach.

  • Discuss potential academic majors in college.

Extracurricular Activities Planning


  • Assist the student with building their college résumé. 

  • Assist the student choose their extracurricular activities and summer activities including employment, summer camps, internships, workshops, and volunteering.

  • Help the student map out a community service plan and explain the importance in college admissions.

  • Advise the student and parent(s) on the athletic recruiting process, if applicable, assisting them with their athletic résumé, video, and appropriate communication with college coaches.

College Application and Essay Review


  • Develop a college application plan including college deadlines and application requirements and oversee student progress.

  • Assist the student in brainstorming essay ideas, outline, and provide feedback on multiple drafts of college essays including all supplemental essays.

  • Prepare the student for successful alumni interviews.

  • Review the completed applications.