With over 4,000 colleges and universities in the United States, finding the "right" fit college can be a challenge. As a parent, you want to make sure your student is happy and successful while in college and after graduating. At Medina College Consulting, we feel the same way and rise to the challenge. We are here to assist and guide your student and family through this stressful and joyful time. We put your student's needs first! 

We start by putting your child's best interests first. Your child will have many passions and careers, so we will assess your child in these areas and help them build a foundation to be versatile in the future:

  • College and Career Goals

  • Skills

  • Interests (academic and extracurricular)

  • Values

  • Academics (grades and standardized test scores)​

Tailored College Counseling Sessions

Medina College Consulting will work with your child to motivate him/her towards success. 

College Search and Selection


  • Clarify educational goals, college expectations, career interests, and personal preferences.

  • Develop an initial list of colleges tailored to the student’s needs as well as the family’s financial situation.

  • Meet with the student throughout the college list-building and help the student finalize the college list.

  • Guide families in planning productive college visits.


  • Provide guidance and support throughout the college admissions process.

  • Meet or talk on the phone with the student if they feel overwhelmed.

  • Provide the family with the latest college admissions news that relates to each family.