College Counseling Program Services

Professional guidance and support throughout the college admissions process, including:


Academic & Testing - Planning & Preparation

  • Evaluate academic profile (including GPA and class rank) and suggest courses that support the student’s college goals.

  • Recommend appropriate SAT/ACT tests, dates, strategies and test preparation.

  • Counsel the student on the importance of building relationships with high school teachers and guidance counselors.

  • Advise the student on the importance of teacher evaluations in college admissions and which teachers to approach.

  • Discuss potential academic majors in college.


Extracurricular Activities Planning

  • Work with the student to build their college résumé, including extracurricular activities, internships, employment, community service, hobbies, and honors/awards.

  • Map out student community service plan, explaining the level of involvement that colleges are hoping to see.

  • Help student plan their summer activities, including employment, summer camps, workshops, and volunteering.

  • Advise student and parent(s) on athletic recruiting, if applicable, assisting them with their athletic résumé and video, as well as appropriate communication with college coaches.

  • Advise the student who would like to pursue a college degree in performing or fine arts, including building a portfolio.


Financial Aid Planning

  • Advise family on scholarships and financial aid process.

  • Develop a scholarship search game plan.

  • Compose a list of scholarships tailored to the individual student.

  • Assist family in completing the financial aid forms.

College Search & Selection

  • Clarify educational goals, learning style, career interests, and personal preferences.

  • Develop preliminary list of colleges tailored to the student’s needs and the family’s financial situation.

  • Meet with the student throughout the college list-building and help the student finalize the college list.

  • Guide families in planning productive college visits.


College Applications

  • Develop a college application plan including college deadlines and application requirements and oversee student progress.

  • Assist the student in brainstorming essay ideas, outline, and provide feedback on multiple drafts of college essays including all supplemental essays.

  • Prepare student for successful alumni interviews.

  • Review completed applications.


Final Steps

  • Review college admission offers and financial aid packages and help with final college choice.

  • Prepare the student for the transition from high school to college.

  • Student will be aware of resources on college campuses.


 One-On-One Mentoring / 4-year Assistance in College

  • Joseph will provide individual mentoring to student as needed.

  • Develop a 4-year college graduation plan.

  • Assist student with any questions throughout their 4 years of college.

  • Student will be aware of resources on college campuses.

  • Student will be confident in their transition from high school to college.


Career Counseling

  • Career Exploration, College Majors, Resume Building.

  • Career Assessments

  • Assist student in preparing a job resume.

  • Provide resources on college majors and careers.