California State University, Long Beach Campus Visit – July 2017

On July 13, 2017, I took a college campus tour trip with my student and one of his parents. We visited California State University, Long Beach and California State University, Fullerton. My student liked both campuses and we had an amazing trip overall. For this week, I am going to focus my blog post on the campus of CSU Long Beach. It was the first time that I had visited CSU Long Beach.


Long Beach is a large city. There are plenty of restaurants, shopping, and other things to do off campus. One of the students I talked to, who was a transfer student and commuted to school, mentioned a place called Pieology Pizzeria, where you can make your own pizza. The student said it was a good place to go and a lot of students eat there. I plan to try it next time I visit the campus.

Campus Size

The campus is very large and a little difficult to navigate. There was some construction going on, but we managed to find our way. We did not get to check out much of the campus because it was a long walk. The students that we talked to all had one thing in common when I asked what the school needed to improve on: parking. One of the students said “it takes about ten minutes to hike to the parking.” The students said that parking is difficult to find, but they also reassured us that the school was working on making improvements. CSU Long Beach is a commuter school, so most students are living off campus or are driving from nearby cities.

Places We Visited on Campus

University Student Union

The Student Union was huge! It had a lot of different eating places for students. On the third floor, the Dream Center was there along with other resource centers for students.

University Library

The library had a coffee shop and a large computer lab on the first floor. There was a lot of study areas for students. We did notice that students were studying by themselves which is understandable since it’s summer session.

Hall of Science Building

My student is interested in majoring in a science so we checked out the Science building which from the outside did not look very appealing. The building was old, but once we walked in everything was new. We were able to see the inside of a few lecture halls and classrooms. There were a few postings on the bulletin boards with resources on student organizations and research/internship opportunities.


The students we talked to were all excited to talk about the school and help us out. One former student who had graduated years ago was on campus to study for the Bar Exam. He was very helpful in sharing his experiences with us while walking us to the library. My student’s parent was very impressed with this student because he was an Alum and came back after years from graduating to use the campus for his studying.

Overall, I enjoyed my time on campus. CSU Long Beach has a beautiful Japanese garden and Shark Lab, which I am looking forward to visiting next time!

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