NEW Partnership with YAC Foundation

Updated: May 26, 2020

Great news to share that Medina College Consulting is excited to announce our new partnership with the YAC Foundation in Camarillo, CA to assist student-athletes in middle school and high school through the college admissions process and in leadership development. In addition, we are developing an internship program at YAC in partnership with an academic program at a local university. One of our current college students will be starting a summer internship in June at YAC.

In collaboration with YAC, Medina College Consulting will be providing workshops starting in June. Some of the workshops will be on a general overview of the college admissions process, how students can conduct a successful scholarship search, and finding the right fit college. Our goal is to empower students by providing them the best resources and opportunities to be successful in high school, college, and beyond! For families, we want college to be affordable and for them to take control of the college admissions process.

YAC aligns with the same values and drive as Medina College Consulting in empowering youth to achieve their full potential. As the founder and CEO, John Diaz is an exceptional leader, mentor, and coach to many student-athletes in Ventura County. John and his staff have inspired hundreds of youth to become the best versions of themselves. For over 23 years, the YAC Foundation has served Ventura County as a premier organization that empowers youth through sports and gives them the necessary resources and mentorship to succeed in the classroom, on the field, and in life. In addition, many of YAC’s Alumni have not only succeeded in sports in college, but also excelled in their careers and given back to their community. We encourage you to join YAC if you have a student that is searching for positive role models, a purpose, a dream, and want to better themselves overall. If your student-athlete wants to take their game to the next level, join YAC today for their elite mentorship, training, and recruitment.

We are thrilled for this opportunity to join the YAC community and looking forward to working the youth and their families. If you have a student in high school or college and have a question on the college admissions process, please feel free to visit or contact Joseph Medina at

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