I just wanted to write and tell you how happy we are with your services. Thank you for everything you have done for Mercedes. Everyone asks me how Mercedes got so involved and achieved so many accomplishments. When you first approached me, I was concerned about the high price. But since I have started using your services to help Mercedes prepare for college, the benefits and results that she has achieved are far greater than the small difference in the price that I paid. I praise you to other parents of how helpful you have been to Mercedes’ success. I chose Medina College Consulting because Joseph understood what my daughter needed and he has knowledge of community resources. Joseph not only knows a wealth of information on college, but he is kind, and our relationship with him is like family. He truly cares about his students and wants the very best for them. He is not only a counselor to my daughter, but he is a mentor to her as well.

Joseph assisted my daughter with mapping out her community service plan. He is very knowledgeable and connected within the community. He also guided my daughter in selecting her high school courses. When it came to the standardized tests, he knew which ones my daughter should take and when and how often she needed to take them. Furthermore, he advised my family on the financial aid process and developed a scholarship search plan. As for the college application essays, my daughter received valuable constructive criticism and guidance. He was there to answer any questions she had. Joseph also helped her plan visits to different colleges and provided key information to make the most of our visits. The best part about working with Joseph is that he will continue to assist Mercedes through college and knowing he cares about her future success puts us at ease. The many experiences she has had are by far the very best. His assistance and guidance in working with Mercedes through the college admissions process and more have been exceptional. I will continue to refer his services to any parent or student in need of a college counselor whenever I can.


- John R., Oxnard

THANK YOU for your assistance, guidance, and experience in helping Carlo navigate through the college admissions process these past few years and for being a part of Carlo's journey. We are so proud of him and excited that he has choices, unlike many of his classmates. Carlo got accepted to 8 of 9 schools to which he applied. Medina College Consulting was an invaluable resource to my son and our family, and I strongly recommend their service.


Joseph Medina worked closely with my son and was very patient while mentoring and guiding him towards the right college options. He got to know my son so well he was able to make recommendations for schools that were a good fit for him. Often times many high school students do not have the proper college guidance so they are unaware of the many great schools out there and resources available to them. Sometimes, students and parents are focused too much on a brand name school and not if it is a right fit. Every parent wants to feel that their student is special and Joseph was always there for Carlo. Joseph took over the entire application process, removing what is often a rather long and stressful time for kids and their parents and he made sure the applications were filled out properly. That was a real relief. So much goes into creating a good admission application and Joseph made sure that Carlo included every achievement he worked so hard toward.


MCC is a wonderful company that helps high school and transfer students to choose the right college and major. They have the tools and the knowledge that can help both the student and the parents through this challenging and stressful time. Most importantly, Joseph is truly passionate about helping young people dream big and meet their educational goals.


- Jerrica V.N., Ventura

I got accepted to Georgetown, UC San Diego, UCLA, UC Davis, UC Berkeley, USC, and NYU. I am currently attending Georgetown University. Thank you so much for helping me with the college admissions process! Your assistance and guidance was priceless when I applied to such competitive schools.


From day one, Joseph gave me a community service plan that I took advantage of. No other counselor at my high school had explained the level of involvement I needed and bring out the best in me. He provided me several opportunities that I felt made me more competitive as an applicant when I applied to the colleges on my list. He guided me through the college essays and provided great feedback. He is also a great mentor and friend. To this day, he still checks in on me to ask how I am doing. I would recommend him to anyone needing assistance in the college admissions process. Thank you for your knowledge and guidance!


- Musa B., Oxnard

I am currently studying Biology at UCSB. Thank you for helping me with the college applications and essays! I also got accepted to UC Davis, and other schools in-state and out-of-state. Joseph took the time to guide me through the UC personal statements and I feel his knowledge and feedback not only strengthened my essays but also as an applicant in a very competitive applicant pool. Medina College Consulting is the way to go for any student and family needing help with the college admissions process! Thank you so much!


- Alyssa A., Ventura