Medina College Consulting offers a variety of online college workshops including scholarship search, scholarship applications, and volunteer/internship opportunities to meet the needs of community college students to assist them in their college career. 

Why You Should Attend an Online College Workshop to Achieve your College Dreams?


  • The College Workshops get you ahead on your college journey

  • The workshops teach you the best resources to be successful in college

  • The workshops helps you start your scholarship search or helps you find internship/volunteer opportunities, etc

College Student


How to Register

Please click on the class you wish to register for below:

NOTE: Attending the online workshop WILL NOT guarantee that the attendee will win a scholarship, receive an acceptance to a college or university, or employment. These online workshops are ONLY for transfer students except for the career online workshops.

Parents/Guardians can attend the online workshop but should do so with their student, not alone. 

You must give a valid e-mail address when registering for a class. It will be used for sending class instructions and announcements.


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